There are many variables to consider when you are about to choose a language school…
Before taking your decision, take some time to review all available options. You are not just choosing a school to learn a new language, but also an environment where you will spend many hours and in which will be important to feel good and have positive feelings. Therefore, the elements to consider are several. The seriousness and professionalism of the school must add to the importance of a serene and reassuring environment …
Here are our reasons for “why Monnalisa”:


We have extremely competitive price for your next Italian language course in Florence!
We like clarity and transparency, so no HIDDEN PRICES and NO SURPRISES. In the prices that you find on the site, there is no need to add REGISTRATION FEES or additional costs for  materials or dispensers which are all included.


Some students are good in retaining information  passed to them orally, while some others are extraordinarily good in retaining information through what they read and others through pictures and some other means.
But generally,
findings and statistics have shown that the best means of facilitating or enhancing good teaching and learning is through the use of instructional materials which encompass audio visual materials.

We use for our classes audio-video materials and the technology is fully involved in our lessons.


Here you will find a reassuring, welcoming atmosphere, that tastes home, desire to stay together.


Our approach is creative, interactive, fun and dynamic.The language must be  not only learned, but practiced. For this reason in our courses we always encourage to use the language as more as possible and to practice with role plays, conversations, simulations.
Our methodologies are focused on getting the most out of people, facilitating collaboration between the teacher and the learner – and between individual learners. We are constantly exploring new ways of making our lessons more effective and relevant to the needs of our students.


In addition to the language courses, our school offers several extra activities for our students, recreational or cultural, in order to explore the beautiful city and region where you are going  to spend a period of your life … for an Italian experience at 360 degrees!  We are here to help you in fully enjoying your experience, inside and outside the school. We listen to your wishes, your curiosities, your special requestes and we often plan activities tailored on the classes needs.


Every student who sets foot in our school is seen as an individual and not as another number in the subscribers list. It is essential for us to know their needs, their projects, their inclinations and his interests!
Each student will have a personal card where details of his path will be noted, following their progress with a progressive evaluation method. The attention for every single subscriber  is complete , favored by a family environment and a small number classes in which a personal and direct relationship is established.
Our idea is to create a pleasant and reassuring environment in which every student feels at home and has the opportunity to receive help also for any problems and difficulties that may arise in living in a town in a foreign country. We will be happy to help you and advise you in all areas of your Florentine experience …


Our average class size is 4-6 students, maximum 8. For this reason there is more interaction and the teacher has a chance to follow each student in their personal path. For us it is really important  to create homogeneous classes divided by levels of knowledge. This makes you feeling well in the course that you choose to attend.


We always quote our lesson lengths in hours so that you can understand exactly how much time you will get. When comparing different courses at different schools, remember to check the actual lesson length.  For example, a course offering 25 lessons could be very much shorter than a course offering 25 hours. Some schools’ lesson lengths are just 45 minutes, so 25 lessons at 45 minutes each is just under 19 real hours…


Our school is located in the historical centre of Florence, in a charming medieval palace (Galli-Tassi palace) where you can feel the history and beauty of the past. Very central location, a few steps from the Duomo, Santa Croce, Piazza della Signoria, in a privileged setting. The neighborhood is the heart of city life, with bars, restaurants and cafes.


Maximum flexibility to meet the needs of every single student. We plan our lessons around your life schedule and we are available as well during the evening time and the week end.