You can look at Florence in a thousand ways. A famous name around the world, which parades by centuries with her mantle of history and remains one of the cities with the highest tourist attraction.
The nuances of a city that gave its heyday in the Renaissance are manifold.
There is the monumental Florence that keeps in the breadth of the avenues, in the sumptuous facades, the size and elegance of its period as the capital of Italy. There is the medieval Florence, with the alleys that coil in the historic center, around buildings that evoke the age of Dante, Petrarca and Boccaccio.
There is just the beautiful Florence, the one that would watch for hours, as we observe a lover, the Florence dressed with its art, in its unique architecture and in the works of the museums, flowed from an age of grace in which the beauty and inspiration have reached very high levels.
The beautiful Florence, the unique views, which deliver thoughts, in a spring evening, watching the Arno from the Ponte Vecchio or strolling in the art of the Boboli gardens, enjoy an open air dinner in the corners of its squares, framed by marble and stone of history.
Florence is a city that offers a lot into manageable spaces. A fascinating dimension that makes good place to live in the present because it retains traces of an unique past