Our philosophy to learn a new language is to gain a new soul, in some cases, the knowledge of a new language is indispensable due to the study, work or business contacts. To study a language it become a priority, for anyone whose job will lead them to have contact (commercially or culturally) with Italy and/or Italian speakers.
But our main goal is to feel joy at studying the language, regardless or whether it will be ‘useful’ or not. Studying the language is enough in itself, it doesn’t matter if it’s ‘useful’.
To learn a language it is important because it provides an infinite enrichment, both personally and culturally and goes beyond the concept of ‘usefulness’. The language skills are not just as a means of understanding Italy, but also as an extraordinary fount of knowledge.
It is very limiting to think of learning a language as serving only a practical goal. It is important in many other ways, because through the study of a foreign language, you discover a country in different ways and you gain skills which can then be applied to other situations. It also broadens your way of thinking and increases your capacity to understand Italy.
This is because the choice to study Italian is linked to factors intrinsic to the language (it is a beautiful language, and its sound and structure fascinate and enchant people) as well as for cultural or commercial reasons.
Give to yourself something beautiful, learn italian!