Elisabetta is a hero. She’s super smart and knows exactly what individual students need and how to approach them. you don’t get the ‘one size fits all’ treatment, she really looks at your individual needs and goes out of her way to help you achieve your goals.

I’ve been in different schools and despite the other one being really good as well, I prefer the informal setting of this school. It leaves more development options for individual students.

Esther Baardemans

We have loved our experience at Monnalisa Italian Language School!

Elisabetta is a passionate teacher of her native language, has an amazing sensitivity to differences in learning styles, is grounded in English and gives extra input on the Italian culture and values.

Flexibility and affordability are extras!

Cynthia Dusenbury

I took one-to-one lesson at Monnalisa and I can’t say enough thank you for such a great human approach, patience, passion and knowledge I have received. It was fun to study with Ely who was very professional and thorougful in her preparation. I learned a lot and she even made me look forward to our sessions!

It’s definitely a great place for learning Italian!

Lucia Pavlikova

I had some previous knowledge in Italian and wanted to improve my language skills for personal use. My Airbnb host in Florence recommended Monnalisa School and it was truly a perfect recommendation from a local.

Elisabetta is a fantastic teacher. She understood what I needed and responded exactly to my needs. I felt immediately in good hands and took every morning private lessons for 3 weeks.
She always prepared interesting and informative lessons. Topics and pace were well adapted to my age. I made great progress and my expectations were even exceeded.
The course material is modern and ranges from textbooks to videos. Elisabetta has also a profound knowledge about Italy and its culture. Besides the necessary grammar, verbs and vocabulary I learned a lot about her beautiful country and the Italians.

The school itself is perfectly located in a medieval palazzo.
I am very happy that I chose Florence and Monnalisa for my Italian course. I fully recommend this school to everyone.

Urs Meier

Elisabetta is a great teacher. Thanks to her I’ve been able to make progress in Italian pretty quickly!! I’m so glad I found her. She not only teaches you the language, but also the Italian Culture, which is really interesting!

Very dynamic classes, so you never get bored! In her lessons, Italian is spoken all the time, which is great for you to get used to the language asap. However, if for whatever reason the grammar explanation in Italian is not clear enough for the students, she will use English to clarify.

Really good prices! I’d say definitely good value for money. Small groups. Lovely atmosphere.

And last but by no means least, the school is a palazzo from 1300s.
The most beautiful school I have ever seen!

Grazie per tutto cara Elisabetta!!

Lidia Lopez

I have studied Italian on and off since my college days, yet I never got close to being able to have a conversation in the language. Studying with Elisabetta helped me break down that wall. I took private lessons with her and found her to be the best teacher I ever had, and the most likable!

Elisabetta doesn’t just teach the words and grammar of this beautiful language. She also shows how the language is a reflection of Italian values and culture, giving extra depth and meaning to your studies. Her method makes it easier to learn and retain what is covered in each lesson.

She sets a quick pace, but I never felt overwhelmed, just grateful for the challenge. She is highly organized, dedicated to teaching, and keeps her students’ needs front and center. And, lessons were always fun!

I plan to return to Italy to pick up my studies at Monnalisa once again. I highly recommend this school for any student level!


Barbara S.

Elisabetta it’s a great teacher. Atmosphere is very nice. I recommend this school to everybody!!!

Ania Przednowek

I really like this school. People there are very nice and super friendly.

Elisabetta is a very prepared teacher and an amazing person. I highly recommend it!

Sarah Bee

The atmosphere at Monnalisa is fantastic, you are made to feel relaxed and welcome. I have improved so much and my teacher would always take the extra time to explain concepts to me that I was struggling with.

I would recommend this school to anyone wanting to learn the Italian language and also about Italian culture!

Rachel Greenhalgh

I was looking for an affordable and flexible language school in Florence and Monnalisa School went above and beyond my expectations. The staff really cares about their students and caters to ANY help you need, inside or outside of the classroom. After taking only six weeks of classes my Italian has improved tremendously and I can only thank Monnalisa for that!

I would highly recommend this school to anyone.

Carly Colosimo

I really enjoyed my course here, Elisabetta is a great teacher and her lessons were always well prepared and she really put an effort into making the content interesting and geared towards the students’ interests. Her approach was modern and I never felt bored, and I felt my Italian really improved. I also appreciated the flexibility of the course, working as well as studying,

I couldn’t commit to five days a week like a lots of the other schools require, and so this was very suitable for my requirements.

Lucy Gaughan

After my husband and I settled in Florence I knew it was time to get serious with learning Italian. I had already attended 3 weeks of Italian courses at a different school, but wanted a change of scenery for the longer haul.
I found Monnalisa School through a FB group message board and decided to give it a go. I am incredibly glad I did!! I signed up for an 8 week course for the summer to keep my mind as far from the heat as possible …and hopefully learn some Italian.
I can definitely say that my skills in Italian have come a long way thanks to my amazing teacher Elisabetta. She has a great deal of experience teaching, awesome resources and she has a firm grasp on English. Elisabetta has truly helped me fill in gaps of misunderstandings, given me the opportunity to ask unanswered questions, and I especially appreciate that she takes the time to explain something to me in English when I cannot understand the Italian version.

Elisabetta and her friendly boyfriend happen to be the founders of Monnalisa. Together they have and have completely refurbished and transformed the space in an old Santa Croce quartiere building to create an amazing learning center. The school is bright, inviting and everything in it is brand new. I plan to continue attending Monnalisa School until I have a firm grasp on the Italian language.

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Monnalisa School, and HIGHLY recommend it to anyone hoping to learn some Italian!!!

Briana Di Grappa Garcia

I’ve been studying Italian with Monnalisa for a couple of months now and I’m really starting get to see an improvement. While living and working in in Florence it’s hard to find free time to study but the school is really flexible and affordable.

They’re happy to work late afternoons or weekends and really structure the lessons around you’re free time or needs. The facilities and staff are fantastic so would highly recommend this to anyone looking to learn the language or interested in the Italian lifestyle and culture.

Ben Gordon

I enjoyed studying to monnalisa and for me it’s always a great pleasure to follow the italian language training in florence. This is my first experience in monnalisa school and I hope isn’t the last! All the staff are truly professional and the progress is sure and fast. I appreciated the high level of involvement of the trainers, fully focused on the student objectives. The environment is helpful for learning Italian and florence is an amazing historical city. The teachers and activity leaders are the best because they are so friendly

Mark Nelson

Regardless of the fact that  is a new school, everything has been great! The atmosphere it’s really friendly and helpful. The staff is always ready to help in a very kind way. I had problems with my schedule and they were able to arrange my courses in the evenings. The school it’s tiny and so nice, they are very attentive and passionate about their job. I improved so much my Italian language knowledge.

Sylwia Raczkiewicz

My experience in Monnalisa has been wonderful! It was like to be at home. Sometimes  I was passing my time there after the courses just because of the atmosphere, of the nice feelings…Here you feel part of a family, but the teacher had as well great method and passion in teaching Italian language. I can’t wait to come back in the beautiful Florence and have another course in Monnalisa next spring!!

Ivan Vath

I was looking for an Italian course in Florence because of my job. I was suspicious at the beginning because of the low prices of the intensive courses of the Monnalisa School…I have to say that everything has been over my expectations, they are serious and really caring about the students.
The materials are included, the lessons are interesting and clear. Great standards and really cheap prices!

Moritz Wumpe