Former president Obama to visit Tuscany shortly

Former US president Barack Obama will arrive in Tuscany on Friday 19th May 2017 and will remain for four days, according to local media reports. The former US president will spend the weekend at Borgo Finocchieto, near Buonconvento (Siena), the luxury ambience of the former American ambassador in Rome, John Phillips. A private visit to Florence is not excluded by Tuesday 23 May. Still to establish the program: Obama would meet the most important institutional and political representatives of the area. Obama arrived in Italy some days ago. He opened his keynote speech at the Seed&Chips food innovation summit in Milan Tuesday by saying that «I bring you the greetings of Michelle, and I tell you that we will coem back to Italy often». He said «we remember our trips to Tuscany, Rome, she remembers her trip to Milan for the Expo with Sasha and Malia. So I say we will return to Italy very often».
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