A cultural gift that you’ll keep for all your life.

“Senior” for our school, it means to go further, beyond the stress of the life, the works commitments, the management duties, the examination to be overcome … It means learning Italian in a different way, unconventional. Learning a new language, following a desire or an inspiration.
This is the time to get a gift for yourself, a cultural gift that you’ ll keep for all your life. This is the time to make a wish and to get something nice.

It is a course with lively lessons which combine the linguistic knowledge with the pleasure of being together, meeting the art, culture, cinema, lifestyle of a unique city.
It is very limiting to think of learning a language as serving only a practical goal. It is important in many other ways, because through the study of a foreign language, you discover a country in different ways and you gain skills which can then be applied to other situations.
It also broadens your way of thinking and increases your capacity to understand Italy – whichever aspect of it you are interested in.

Regardless of your group number and how many days you are going to stay in Florence, togheter we will personalize your schedules and the subjects of the lessons in order to give you an unique and unforgettable memory of your Florence experience. Contact us to give to yourself this special gift.


For those who want to learn a new language just for love or passion, following a wish or an inspiration. To whom understand that learning a language goes beyond the concept of “uselfullness” but it is especially an extraordinary fount of knowledge.