Do you have a friend? let’s learn italian language and culture together!


This “duetto” course is designed for two people who have the same level of Italian. You can learn Italian with your partner or travelling companion whilst also benefiting from the individual attention of your teacher. You decide the time, days and topics of the lessons.
Duetto lessons provide a unique opportunity to meet your immediate educational needs.

Move forward on a direct path to meet your goals:

  • Having a quickest and most intensive way to learn a language (business reasons, social purposes or because of a relocation  or exams);
  • Developing a deeper understanding of topics relevant in your field;
  • The lesson is focused on what you want to achieve;
  • Preparing for exams or other professional certifications;
  • You plan your own course schedule.

Private Italian lessons are an excellent alternative to group courses, because they allow the student to work with the teacher on a one-on-one basis and focus on specific grammar, culture and news issues, or on any other subject that the student may be particularly interested in.
Moreover, they can be useful for students who have already attended a group course and need to strengthen and practice their knowledge and the acquired language skills.

This method is also valid for people who need to use Italian in their business dealings and wish to learn the specific economic, business, legal, medical or tourist jargon, or more generally, learn the language that can apply to professional situations in general.

It is the best for those who can not attend during the hours of group courses, for those who are not free every day or want to make a few days full-immersion course, for those who are not comfortable in a big group dynamics or want to study in deep aspects of the language for study or for work.


LessonsEach lesson leasts 60 minutes.
Groups and levelsFrom complete beginner to advanced ( A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 in according to Cef level scale )
Tuition Fees - DUETTO
1 Lesson1 Hour € 21/h each
10 Lessons10 Hours € 200 (20€/h) each
20 Lessons20 Hours € 380 (19€/h) each

   Included in the tuition fees :

Lessons, materials, placement test if request, accomodation placement service, final certificate.