After my husband and I settled in Florence I knew it was time to get serious with learning Italian. I had already attended 3 weeks of Italian courses at a different school, but wanted a change of scenery for the longer haul. I found Monnalisa School through a FB group message board and decided to give it a go. I am incredibly glad I did!! I signed up for an 8 week course for the summer to keep my mind as far from the heat as possible …and hopefully learn some Italian. I can definitely say that my skills in Italian have come a long way thanks to my amazing teacher Elisabetta. She has a great deal of experience teaching, awesome resources and she has a firm grasp on English. Elisabetta has truly helped me fill in gaps of misunderstandings, given me the opportunity to ask unanswered questions, and I especially appreciate that she takes the time to explain something to me in English when I cannot understand the Italian version. Elisabetta and her friendly boyfriend happen to be the founders of Monnalisa. Together they have and have completely refurbished and transformed the space in an old Santa Croce quartiere building to create an amazing learning center. The school is bright, inviting and everything in it is brand new. I plan to continue attending Monnalisa School until I have a firm grasp on the Italian language.

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Monnalisa School, and HIGHLY recommend it to anyone hoping to learn some Italian!!!

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