I have studied Italian on and off since my college days, yet I never got close to being able to have a conversation in the language. Studying with Elisabetta helped me break down that wall. I took private lessons with her and found her to be the best teacher I ever had, and the most likable! Elisabetta doesn’t just teach the words and grammar of this beautiful language. She also shows how the language is a reflection of Italian values and culture, giving extra depth and meaning to your studies. Her method makes it easier to learn and retain what is covered in each lesson. She sets a quick pace, but I never felt overwhelmed, just grateful for the challenge. She is highly organized, dedicated to teaching, and keeps her students’ needs front and center. And, lessons were always fun! I plan to return to Italy to pick up my studies at Monnalisa once again. I highly recommend this school for any student level!  
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